You cannot be a Writer without Writing

You cannot be a Writer without Writing 1

Who says that constantly writing blog posts to keep your website updated is an easy task? Especially, if you are just starting, you will face?many challenges which you must overcome.

You may experience frustrations, lack of ideas, mood swings and distractions etc.

If you are like me, you would pull out your pen and paper or sit on your computer and scribble your first thoughts down? and trash the copy.

Your second, third and maybe your fourth copy has all gone into the trash can. (I can hear the sound scrambled papers falling on the heaps of other scrambled papers in your trash can.)

What is left now for you to do is to quit. No!

That?s a bad idea. Don?t quit.

Let me tell you a secret that experienced and accomplished writers may not have told you. It?s funny, you might have known it already; but you never thought it could be that simple.

Here it goes: aspiring authors, writers or bloggers always write.


And write again. ?They don?t just give up at their first, second or third drafts.

Don?t quit. Period!

Programmers write programs. Teachers teach. Students study.

And writers write. You can?t be a writer without writing.

Think about it.

Have a lovely weekend.