How to Write Engaging Show Notes – Judy Punch

How to Write Engaging Show Notes - Judy Punch 1

Many people struggle to come up?with a presentable, descent and engaging show notes for their podcast. However, show notes play an important part of each episode of your podcast; whether it is audio or video.

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The reasons are not far-fetched:

  • lack of time,
  • poor preparation, or
  • simply the belief that show notes are not just that important.

Well, someone maybe be asking “what are show notes”?

In today’s episode of the Fruitfulujah Podcast Judy Punch will answer that question and more.

Judy Punch is a law graduate, a web and android developer at NarrowGate Information Technology, freelance transcriptionist and podcast show notes writer. She writes professional show notes and do transcriptions at

We covered the following questions:

  • What are show notes?
  • What is the relationship between a transcript and show notes?
  • What is the?value of show notes to a podcast?
  • How can someone create an engaging show notes for a podcast?
  • When should someone outsource his/her show notes or transcription?

and more!

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We also talked about our recently launched project, PodcasMech .

At we are your virtual podcast editing team. We write your engaging show notes, edit your audio files and do professional transcription for your podcast.

Your audience will not even know that we are there. We will do everything at the background and make your show shine in front of your audience.

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All you have to do is record your show, upload your raw files to us and go take a rest. We will do that hard work–edit your raw files, assemble your show and write engaging show notes for your podcast. You simply download your podcast and upload to your site.

Hit the play button to listen to the show. Please, do not?forget to leave your comments below.

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