Working with ProfilePress for WordPress

Working with ProfilePress for WordPress 1

In this post,?I will show you how to use ProfilePress plugin to create a front end login or registration page on your site. It is quite easy and friendly too. There are no codes involved.

You do not want people to keep accessing your backend to log into your WordPress site, right? You just want them to enter their user details at the front end to gain access to your site’s content.

How can you do this?

That is where this tutorial comes in handy, especially if you are someone who is not proficient with writing codes. You just want to get that work down, in the fastest way you can. You need not worry.

The plugin is developed by @collizo4sky at?W3Guy LLC

Get ProfilePress

Firstly, download ProfilePress on website. Or use the search box at “add new” plugin section in the admin area of your WordPress site. ProfilePress is quite easy and simple to install like any other WordPress plugin.

Once you have installed the plugin, make sure you activate it. ProfilePress will prompt you to install another plugin called Shortcake (Shortcode UI). They work together.


Now that the plugin is installed and activated, all you need to do is create a page you wish to use as your new login or sign up pages on your site.

There are several custom?built designs you can choose from. You have the free and premium?options to choose from, whichever that fits your budget.

Watch the video below to learn how to make a login, sign up, and password recovery and registration pages for your WordPress site.

Final Words

Have you used ProfilePress before? What is the best feature the plugin has that you like? Don?t forget to leave your?answer in the comments section below.