Why WordPress is good for e-commerce sites

Why WordPress is good for e-commerce sites 1

Is WordPress good for e-commerce sites? The answer to that question is a big YES!

I don?t know how to say it loud enough to drum it in!

I say yes, again!

If I stop with what I have just said, then this would be the shortest post I have ever written. So, let me explain a few things to you.

At one time any type of e-commerce site had to be created by code. You had to use tables, lists and complicated functions to create that store look.

Today all of this has changed due to the popularity, power, and easy-to-use nature of the WordPress platform which is also powering this site Fruitfulujah.

With so many businesses here in Nigeria, big or small, building their online presence, it only makes sense that the natural progression forward would be to sell your products online. Making this process safe and easy for you or your customers is a big concern for anybody.

WordPress has tones of plug-in that enhance the functions of a site to anything you can imagine of.

You can use e-commerce plug-ins; two extremely popular ones are the WP Marketplace and Woo Commerce plug-in.

This plug-ins can help you create an attractive shopping environment for visitors to your site.

Did I mention? They are free!

Yes, Woo Commence has other add-ons, but you can start with the core plug-in. WP Marketplace has a pro version too if you need more functions.

Go down the memory lane. At one time adding a shopping cart could only be done by hiring an expensive designer, not anymore!

The Woo Commerce plug-in allows you to instantly set up a store on your website. You can choose from several different payment gateways depending upon your business needs. It is also possible to set up shipping locations around the world.

If you are a Nigerian merchant or blogger then you would love what I am about to say next.

Woo Commence has VoguePay payment add-on.

Thanks to freelance developer Tunbosun Ayinla who made this possible. He has written a plug-in that can add VoguePay as a payment option to collect payments from your customers using their local bank payment cards.

This plug-in is also free!

What is VoguePay?

VoguePay is one of the fastest growing payment processors in Nigeria. You can sign-up for a free VoguePay account at www.voguepay.com .

Back to Woo Commence.

When you install the Woo Commence plug-in you get the basic capabilities for running a store, as I earlier mentioned.

You may need to add enhanced features by making use of Add-ons or Extensions. These increase the functions of the main plug-in.

It is possible to add up-sales, cross sales and suggest products to your customers during the checkout process. They can create accounts where they can quickly access all of their purchases in one place.

The developers of any e-commerce plug-in are always taking current trends into consideration. The guys behind the Woo Commerce plug-in are no exception.

The Woo Commerce plug-in allows people to share things from your site on social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. This helps increase your customer reach without stress in a big way.

As well as sharing and gaining new customers, with Woo Commerce you have tracking tools to check your store’s performance. For example, you can use Google Analytics to keep track of what is happening with your store.

If you want to set up a store, then I recommend using WordPress, and you should really consider using Woo Commerce. It will save you time and money, plus it sets up in a breeze.

Now there is no reason not to create your own store using WordPress. Even the smallest business or person with the tightest budget can create an ecommerce site quickly and easily with this software.