What You Must Know About WordPress Security

What You Must Know About WordPress Security 1

What do you need to know about WordPress security?


Last month, the hardworking fellows at WordPress.org rolled out a few security updates for the world’s most popular blogging platform–WordPress. All of these updates came within short time intervals to avert serious WordPress security breaches.

How Secure is WordPress?

WordPress is secure enough.

There is no solution that is 100% secure. Yes, you can secure your site by 100%, but then nobody will use it. And, you can also make your site very easy to use, but then it will no longer be safe. You have to find the balance.

When you try to find the balance between usability and security, which you must, that is the point one percent (.1%) that can let your attackers in. I am not scaring you. That’s the truth. It’s security 101.

What You Must Know About WordPress Security

But can you lower risk. Yes, you can reduce risk if you have a good and reliable solution or platform, with a salt of good security practices added to it. If you want a 100% secure solution or platform, you will not find it here on earth. You may have to host your site in heaven. Seriously!

Microsoft, Apple, Sony, these are big world brands I have listed here. But they have not made my list because they are just top world brands; they are also the big companies that got hacked in recent times. The thing is, any site can be hacked, using the right methods, even if you are not using WordPress. But there is a lot you can do to minimize risk.

In today’s podcast, I will talk about the conceptual ideas about WordPress security, covering the 3 phases of security, namely

  1. Protection
  2. Detection, and
  3. Restoration.

I will also discuss some best WordPress security practices to keep your website safe, namely,

  1. Strong Passwords,
  2. Managing users
  3. A Backup plan, and
  4. Regularly updating you WordPress software, plugins and themes.

The haters will always blame WordPress for their security woes. That is not always true. Your WordPress security depends on how you setup and use WordPress. If you are not updating the software or not keeping good security practices, then you are not secure.

After you have done listening today, follow these practical ways to keep your site safe and secure, and lower the risk of a security breach.

I will love to hear your thoughts about WordPress security, please leave a comments in the form below.

Happy listening. 🙂

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