Website Traffic in 15 Creative Ways!

Website Traffic in 15 Creative Ways! 1

Website traffic can be a headache for some people. Here are 15 Creative Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic this year.

As each year unfolds, the usual thing everyone does is to set goals and targets, and define ways to meet those goals. I may sound pessimistic by this statement but it is true: a few or majority of those goals are never achieved and we carry them over to the next year. And the circle of unfulfilled goals continue without end.

Maybe its time to rinse, assess and reapply if necessary, and see where, why and how you have failed and do the right thing.

Talking of goals.

The goal of every website owner is to generate traffic to his or her website. With enough web traffic, a lot of ideas would run through your mind. A lot will be achieved when you have good traffic to your website.

How do you intend to drive traffic to your website this year?

What methods do you intend to use?

Which method worked last year and which ones did not?

Do you have to change your methods or simply stick to your old ways until you have a break through?

These questions beg for answers.

Website Traffic in 15 Creative Ways

In case you have not thought it out, let me help you here. I have gathered 15 ways to boost your website traffic in 15 creative ways that you and yours can use. I have not listed them in order of importance. You can apply them anyway you choose.

I must warn here that there is no easy way to boast your website traffic without investing time and patience and sometimes money, if you have a budget. So you must work at it.

These methods here are Google Panda and Penguin so they still work. Above all, they are very natural ways of guaranteed traffic.

Email List

Build your email list if you have not been doing so. Any serious website owner should use this valuable tool. Your email subscriber is your audience. He has interest in what you have to say or sell.

Some are of the argument that email marketing is dead, but that is far from the truth. Though, people use social media often they still use their emails too. Besides, they use their emails to subscribe for these social media services like Facebook and Linkedin etc.

Set out this year to build a healthy and robust email list for your niche that you have never done before.

Continuous Website Development would help your site traffic.
Continuous Website Development would help your site traffic.

Video Marketing

Consider spicing up things a bit this time, by using video marketing for your product. Create a YouTube Channel for your niche and publish your content, tutorials and product updates etc. Use services like PowToon to create professionally looking videos within minutes. Share on social media and drive traffic to your site.


Have you thought about creating e-products like eBooks?

Then what have you been waiting for?

This is the right time to start doing that. When people come to your site, they feel a sense of authority if they can find great content on your site and an eBook to go with it.

Create a high quality eBook in your niche.

Use it to educate your customers about your product; and if you package it very well, include a link inside the book linking back to your site.

As the eBook circulates people would click the link inside to visit your site. You can also use it as an incentive to get people to opt-in to your list.

Remember, it is not a rule that you must write your eBook by yourself. You can hire a professional freelancer from sites like iWriter, Fiverr, Fivesquid and oDesk (now known as Upwork) to write your eBook for you.


Twitter is growing every year, and even corporate bodies are using it to drive traffic to their websites. Social media has leveled the playing field. Even you have a shot.

Create your twitter account if you do not have one. Make sure you write out your profile bio, update your picture and leave a link to your site.

Set out to get followers for your account by following interesting people in your niche. Write useful and valuable tweets using keywords, but do not over use keywords so that your tweets do not make sense.

This method can boost your website traffic when done well.

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Use Facebook

Facebook might not work for everyone, but I cannot talk about website traffic sources without mentioning it. That is where most people are spending their time, and you would like to take your product or services to them.

Think of creating a fan page for your website at Facebook, which should look similar to your website. Invite friends, family and customers to like your page.

Alternatively, you can use the Facebook Ad manager to create ads for your site. Watch your budget if you intend to use paid ads for your traffic. Make it a point of duty to engage your Facebook fans with useful post and helpful tips. They would in turn drive traffic to your site.

Guest Blogging

Consider guest blogging for other sites in your niche. Look for similar sites that are doing well, in terms of traffic and sales, and ask them permission to write a guest post on their blogs.

Some would reject your request, while others may accept. Make sure you write a high quality post that is interesting to read and relevant.

Do not forget to ask for a link back to your website.

Forum Participation

Another way you can boost your web traffic is by actively involving yourself in forums that are about or related to your niche.

There are great forums on LinkedIn that you can freely join. If you leave useful thoughts on topics in your forum, the members would wish to connect with you beyond the forum. You can refer them to your site.

Then you will be sharing your site no more as a site owner, but as top contributor to that group.

Create solid content

Content is king on the Internet. Good and valuable content would still hold sway. Solid content is the type of content on your site that keeps your visitors coming back repeatedly.

Therefore, you must research properly, and create fresh content that would keep your visitors coming back. Solve their problems in your posts; they would gladly refer others to your site.

Optimize your images

As people search ‘text’ in Google, they search for ‘images’ too. When you create content on your site, like blog post, insert images that are relevant to the post and link them appropriately.

If you are using WordPress, or Fruitfulujah which is built on WordPress, you can make use of tags, and image description to make your images visible to search engines. When People click them, it would direct them to your site.

Guest Blogging can boost your website traffic
Guest Blogging can boost your website traffic

Press Release

Is Press Release old fashion? No. They are still as viable today as yesterday, especially if your Press Release is very informative and interesting to read. Get someone to write a professional press release for your product or service (if you cannot do it by yourself).

Submit your press release to top press release sites on the Internet, and you will be surprise at what you will see. You can get a gig at to send your press release to top sites on your behalf.

Continuous Website Development

How user-friendly is your website?

How easy is it to navigate and find what you are looking for?

What color combination are you using?

What type of fonts are you using?

A poorly designed site would send your visitors off to your competitors. Others may simply consider your site a ‘spam site’ when it is below standards.

Review your site continually and remove broken links. You may even ask your customers to give you a user assessment of your site, and so take actions to make it more users friendly.

If you cannot do this by yourself, then get a professional website developer to do it for you.

Social Media Buttons

People tend to share things on the Internet when they find it interesting to them, and what better way to do so than using social media?

They would tell their family and friends about your service or products if they like it.

Use that to your advantage by adding quick social media share buttons on your posts and encourage them to share your post to others. Yes, encourage them to share. It works.

Blog Commenting

Maybe you have spent all your time writing your post, and you are now waiting for people to come read it, but no one is coming. There is an easier way to do that. Read other people’s blogs in your niche and comment on them.

Make sure you leave useful comments on other blogs and you will get people coming back to your site if they find your thought helpful.

Also remember that blog comment forms usually allow you to enter your web-site’s URL, so when you leave valuable comments on blogs they serve as back-links to your site. Find blogs that are doing well and share your thoughts on them.

Website Loading Time

Photo by: Sonja Langford
Website Load Time would affect your site traffic

Google will penalize your site if it does not load on time. Your visitors would leave to the next site if your site is taking ages to load. You will lose customers. The side effects are endless. Optimize your website load time to make it load fast.

Do a benchmark test, your site with similar sites in your niche to know their loading time. You can also use a tool like Pingdom to decide your site?s load time.?When you have identified the causes, get to work and optimize your site

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Get a Good and Reliable Hosting

Do not compromise on quality hosting. Get good hosting for your website. Imagine you have applied all the techniques in this post and you have a traffic surge but suddenly your site is down. I have been there. 🙁

Do not always blame your poor site performance on plugins and themes if you do not wish to spend more than $1/month on hosting.

I use for all my hosting needs and I recommend them to anyone interested in getting a good hosting platform. They have a hosting plan for your budget with great support. I recorded 99.9% sever uptime throughout last year on my sites.

However, you are free to make your choice on who should host your website; but do not compromise good hosting.


There is no easy way to website traffic. Each method takes time and patience. You can use these methods outlined above to boast your website traffic in this year. Apply whichever one you like and check the results. The more methods employed the better.

I have a comprehensive lecture on 30 Ways to Drive Unlimited Traffic to Your Website, coming up as a Podcast. It is Free!

Do you know a few ways to your website traffic?

Please, leave them in the comments below.

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  1. Jenom Avatar

    Thank you, Sefa for sharing these helpful tips. Yes, content is king. Creating quality content is the focus of my blog for now. I like your concluding thoughts, ‘There is no easy way to website traffic. Each method takes time and patience.’ I am glad I stopped by.

    1. Sefa Tsegha Avatar

      You are most welcome, Jenom. Yes, “there is no easy way to website traffic”. It requires time and efforts.
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