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So how does it work?

We do not bill monthly. We only bill for the edting work we perform. We can bill you per episode. We will like to be your virtual production team, so we are ready to partner with you for a longer period of time. Therefore, pricing will be unique with you. Trust us.

Below is a list of editing process that are available both to the audio and your website.

Audio Clean Up

This is the removal of “ums,” “ya knows” and other stammers. These will be the “low hanging fruit.” For example an “um” that has space on each side. An um that leads into a word is harder to cut out. We can do this if you’d like, but realize with precision comes an increase in time.

For an hour long episode, plan on audio clean up to take 90 minutes.

Sound Leveling

Sound leveling is ensuring the volume level does not require the listener to turn up or down the episode. It also includes the removal of hiss.

For an hour long episode, it takes around 20 minutes.

Show Notes

“Show notes” is the term used to describe the post about the episode. This includes a synopsis of the episode with links to any resources.

For an hour long episode, it takes approximately 90 minutes.

Show Assembly

This is where we take your intro and outro files and stitch them together with your content, add meta (ID3) tags and upload the file to you. This takes around 10 minutes for an hour long episode.

The Process:

You record the content (we can help you get setup with the proper equipment, plugging it in, etc). Then you upload the .wav or .mp3 file into a shared folder on Dropbox.com or Google Drive. It’s much like attaching a file in e-mail or uploading a photo to facebook.

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