How to Leverage on Freebie to Sell Your Digital Product

How to Leverage on Freebie to Sell Your Digital Product 1

“Freebie” is a thing provided or given free of charge! There are tons of ways you can use a freebie to build authority, drive sells, and engage your audience.??In today’s?podcast, you will learn how to leverage on freebie to sell your digital product.

My guest once again is?Vicky Law. She is a legal practitioner, product development consultant, graphic designer, writer, and a social media junkie.

She dived into the world of what freebie is all about.?We talked about the?best way to create quality freebie, use them as lead magnets to sell your digital products, and more.

Like I always do, I like to peep into the kitchen to see what is cooking before dinner is served. 🙂

So I did it again.

I asked her about her forth coming?#FreebieWithPurpose?5 Day challenge. Guess what? She talked extensively about the challenge in this episode.

The challenge is exclusively for the members of Product Creator’s Mastermind group on Facebook. If you want to take part in the challenge (which I advice you should), then you should join the group.

Like always, I welcome your comments and suggestions to make every podcast I record memorable. Send in your thought in the comments below.

Show Notes

  • Vicky Law’s?contacts on both Facebook and Twitter.
  • Join her Product Creator’s Mastermind group on Facebook here.