JUDE – The Best CBT Practice Software for E-UTME

JUDE - The Best CBT Practice Software for E-UTME 1

Computer Base Training also known as CBT has over the years made learning quite easy and sometimes even fun. Software like Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor, which I have used personally to horn my typing skills and also teach my students how to type is an application I can?t easily forget.

Apart from its ease of use, it makes learning fun.

If you are a student or you have someone who is getting ready to sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination coordinated by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board or JAMB, then you are in luck this time. Learning can be enjoyable for you too.

How can you do that? Make JUDE your learning companion. ?That?s right.

JUDE basically stands for Jamb Use of Desktop Examination developed by a friend of mine, at Mutual-Links & Data Services Ltd?.

JUDE is written with the end user in mind so it?s easy to use and not to mention that it is adequately supported if you encounter a problem while working on it. The software is not a live JAMB e-exam rather it is a practice environment suitable to prepare candidates towards UTME e-examination.

JUDE Software adopts the best standard approach and technology practice that all CBT software should have. Some features I found on the software include, but limited to:

  • Virtual Test Layer
  • Practice Test Layer
  • Questions Shuffling
  • Options to questions shuffling
  • Test Timing
  • Test Review
  • Time Settings
  • Notification Alert
  • Candidate Interaction hints
  • Flipping or Jumping Around Questions
  • Visible Options and Questions Instructions
  • Exam Marker
  • Results Archiving
  • Easy Yearly questions update

JUDE is a complete standalone application that students can install on their personal computers (PC?s) and practice CBT on their own and make them master the adopted e-examination.

The software is built as lightweight application making it possible for students to install and use with minimum system requirements.? I downloaded the application yesterday and installed on a Pentium IV system running Windows XP with 1GB ram and it ran smoothly without any issues.

One last thing, did I mentioned that JUDE is FREE?

Yes, you can download and install JUDE on your system FREE of charge. That?s right! However you will need an activation key obtained from the software developers or its retailers (Fruitfulujah) at a small fee of N1000 per system.?That is less than the cost of a good meal at Mr. BIGS or TITO Gates! 🙂

As someone once said ?he who fails to prepare prepares to fail?, ?so start your JAMB preparations today by downloading JUDE.


Jude software has been replaced with a new?JAMB CBT Software called: