Is Over Delivering on Membership Sites Important?

Is Over Delivering on Membership Sites Important? 1

Once you have set up your membership site, you begin to wonder how you can keep them there. So, how can you avoid this? Over deliver on your promise to your members on each month. That is the secret.

Is over delivering on membership sites important?


If I stop there, then this will be a very short post. I have discussed in details in today’s podcast why it is important to over deliver on membership sites and the ways to go about it.

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Keep your customers happy

Statistics have shown that people commit to stay on membership sites an average for 3 months. That is normal. But there is a way you can keep them there for a longer period of time. And one way to do that is to over deliver to your members.?You have to keep your customers happy all the time.

When you advertise?your membership, you give your customers a tip of what to expect using your sell pages. So, when your members find out that you have under promised but over delivered they are very happy. They feel that they have made a good investment.

And, that is what it is: a good investment.

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