Introducing The Fruitfulujah Podcast

Introducing The Fruitfulujah Podcast 1

I am excited to announce to you the launch of The Fruitfulujah Podcast. Its your favorite podcast where we talk about the Internet, your business and ‘you’!

We simplify technology for everyday people and help you build fruitful internet projects. The first Episode of the show went live a few days ago, and the response has been unexpected.

One listener, simply wrote me an email and said “Good! Nice job!”. Another described the broadcast as “simply professional”.

Fruitfulujah Podcast
We’re excited! Catch the funny.

Sample comments I have received will not be complete if I don’t get your personal feedback about the project.

Why? You are my most valuable subscriber/reader.

You have read emails/posts from me that sometime don’t even make sense :), yet you have stuck with us as we learn and improve on this project.

Click here?to download the first episode of the program.

I will be writing more about The Fruitfulujah Podcast in my subsequent emails/posts, because we are taking a media first approach to business and not marketing. That’s our goal for 2015.

Have a fruitful web experience.


Sefa Tsegha
Entreproducer, The Fruitfulujah Podcast.