How to Grow Your Membership Site

how to grow your membership site

Now, you have finally set up your membership site. Good! Where and how can you get members and keep them there? That’s a different task all together. It is serious work to grow your membership site. But the payoffs is?huge.

In today’s podcast, I will show you some ways that you can you can grow your membership site.
With the right techniques and efforts, you will see steady growth to your site’s membership?if you follow the steps outlined in the podcast. Subscribe to get everything.

If you have followed?this blog for the past weeks, then this is the 4th podcast in the membership series:

  1. Why Running?a Membership Site is a Good Idea
  2. Understanding Membership Software
  3. Is Over Delivering on Membership Sites Important?
  4. How to Grow Your Membership Site

We are working on a Membership Manual, an eBook to help you setup and grow your membership site. The eBook is due for?release very soon. Watch out for it. In the book, we will look at membership sites in detail, and explain every software you need to get everything together.

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2 responses to “How to Grow Your Membership Site”

  1. Hebergement web Avatar

    Membership sites are hot right now; in fact some of the people I know, love and trust the most in the online business community are developing or expanding their membership programs.

    1. Sefa Tsegha Avatar

      You’re right.

      A membership site is a way to create a recurrent revenue stream and serve your community online. It’s the way to go for most online professionals.

      Thanks for the comment. ­čÖé