Get Around Lagos with – Ladi Ojora

Get Around Lagos with - Ladi Ojora 1

Lara is a chat-bot built specifically for public transportation directions and fare quotes in Lagos. She?s like that friend you call on when you find yourself lost in an unfamiliar place. Lara gives users public transit directions on-demand, 24/7.

Lara is available as a progressive web application on & Facebook Messenger.

In today’s episode of The Fruitfulujah Podcast, where I simplify technology for everyday people, and help you build fruitful internet projects, I interviewed Ladi Ojora, one of the team members, about the project.

I know you will enjoy this interview as much as I did.

This is my 35th episode so far. 🙂

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Ladi Ojora
Ladi Ojora

Lara is co-founded by a team of 3 guys with varying backgrounds that share a passion for Technology and Transportation.

The Lara Team
The Team

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