Earn Extra Income with Fumnanya Bernard


Freelance mastery is a great way to make extra income no matter the state of the economy. A Freelance is a self-employed person available to work. She works or can work for many companies or employers. She is usually hired for a limited period.

Who can freelance?

Anyone, including you!

You can meet your goal with a lot of ease?when know more about freelance before you step into it. You can get that freelance job you want when you prepare for it. Freelance can make extra income while maintaining her current place in any company.

Earn Extra Income with Fumnanya Bernard 1My guest on the show today is Fumnanya Bernard. Fumnanya Bernard is the Chief Limit Breaker at www.theLimitBreaker.com. She hosts the Limit Breaker Show. She is also the founder of the Limit Breaker Mastermind Group on Facebook. Fumnanya and I discussed the topic:

Freelance Mastery: “How to earn an extra income no matter the state of the economy”

We covered her?4 step PLAN:

  • Preparation Process
  • Launching Process
  • Attraction & Growth Process
  • Nurturing Process

She took a very complex topic and broke it down into simple take-action tips that you and yours can use. Don’t miss out on this one. You can follow the link in the show notes to download her recent book, which we discussed in the show. Tell me what you think about this episode after you have down listening to it.

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