How to Find a Podcast Niche with – Samuel Adeoye

How to Find a Podcast Niche with - Samuel Adeoye 1

Find a podcast niche in 2017 so you could be heard. The podcasting market is new, however shows are springing up on a daily basis. If you are a podcaster, you should find a podcast niche.

Many people have embraced podcasting as a new way of connecting with their clients. And 2017 has promise to see more podcasters joining the new trend, especially here in Nigeria.

However, it will be unwise to start podcasting without knowing what you want to podcast about. It is good for you to choose a topic. And not just choose a topic, but choose a niche that you can succeed in it. It’s serious business.

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Samuel Adeoye
Samuel Adeoye

In today’s episode of the Fruitfulujah Podcast, my guest today is Samuel Adeoye (popularly known as ?Se7en? or the ?Startup Engineer?) , an entrepreneurship enthusiast and the lead podcaster at Podlobe. We will look at the topic “How to Find a Podcast Niche in 2017”.

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Find a Podcast Niche

Do you know, this?episode is?the last for the year 2016. In a few days we will start a new year. I appreciate your support throughout this year. And I am looking forward to 2017 with hope and expectations to do more than we have accomplished together.

To find a podcast niche is the right way to go. Samuel has explained the whole process in this episode. He took the complex process and broke it down into simple “take-action” tips that you can do.?It sounds like a lot of work.?Yes, it is. But you can do it. Yes, you can.

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  1. Segun Akiode Avatar

    Awesome podcast interview.

    1. Sefa Tsegha Avatar

      Thank you very much, Segun. 🙂