3 Ways to Double Your Subscribers Using MailOptin


MailOptin is a powerful email lead generation and marketing tool that can help you double your subscribers in no time. It is features-packed and easy to use by both newbies and professionals.

In this tutorial, I will show you 3 ways to double your subscribers using MailOptin. This post is not necessary a review of the many wonderful features the plugin has. If you are looking for a review, then read this review on MailOptin by DesignModo.

MailOptin is a new plugin released last week on WordPress.org. It has a lite and premium version. If you want to make use of its great features, then you have to go for the paid version of the plugin.

Before I begin, I want to get rid of the misconception many people have about email marketing or building your list. Some believe that email marketing is dead because we now have social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc. There are wrong. Email marketing is not dead. If you are wise you will build your email list for your website the moment you launch it.

Who are the biggest email marketers today, aren’t they the social media sites?

Look at Facebook for an example, when you get a like or mention, they send you an email. When your friend posts something new online they let know you by email. When you have not visited or post anything on the site for just a few days, they send you an email, telling you how they have missed you. And before you know it, you login again to use the service.

They are using the power of email marketing to keep you on their platform. They know how to get you to come back to Facebook. That is the power of email marketing.

You can do the same thing. However, I must warn you not to spam your subscribers with junk mails. It will hurt your site’s engagement and conversions in the long run.

I am talking about using emails effectively to drive traffic to your site, and keep the conversation going with your customers even after they have left your site.

3 Ways to Double Your Subscribers using MailOptin

That said, let us get to work.

Lightbox for MailOptin

Yes, some may say it is annoying to have pop ups on your website. It can distract your visitors, and sometimes make them leave your website. However, the truth is that, lightbox optins are effective. Gone are the days when you simply place a subscription box at the top corner of your website and expect people to part with their email addresses. Now, you have to do something to make them subscribe.

You can?hope for people to take action or use a strategy like using the Lightbox optin form. You will double your subscribers in no time with MailOptin. Remember, hope is not a strategy.

mailoptin lightbox

Use the lightbox optin in MailOptin to collect emails from your clients.

Exit Intent for MailOptin

Another good thing about MailOpin is that, it has an Exit Intent feature in it. Let me tell you what that means.


When you activate the exit intent feature, your visitors will not see the lightbox optin form until when they try to leave your site. That is when the lightbox optin form will appear, telling them to subscribe or claim your onetime offer.

Your visitor may become a subscriber in no time. Many site authors can tell you that it works. Only a few email lead generation and marketing plugins that I know has this feature. Be?assured that MailOptin handles exit-intent perfectly.


MailOptin Event Triggered Emails

MailOptin has this cool feature that allows you to automate your emails to your subscribers. Having spent a lot of money and time building your list, you have to keep them engaged with useful content from your site to keep them there. Using Event Triggers, you can send posts right from your WordPress dashboard into the emails of your subscribers.

email digest mailoptin
MailOptin has many built-in templates that you can choose from to send newsletters to your subscribers. Newsletters are?sent to subscribers of your blog or any other email marketing platform it supports. You can choose to send full text, excerpts or even schedule your email on a specific date or time.

How Much Does MailOptin Cost?

MailOptin comes with three options. The 3?pricing options?for MailOptin include:

  • Lite:?Free with limitations
  • Standard:?$99/year (All core features with license for just one site)
  • Pro:?$199/year (Full package plus priority and multisite support)

You can download MailOptin from WordPress repository. That is the Lite version if you want to test run the plugin. However, if you want to test the premium features, sign up for the demo on their site.

The Standard version has the following features, Everything in Lite, and: 1 Site License, Premium Themes & Templates, Unlimited Optin Campaigns, User & Page Level Targeting, Notification bars, Slide-in Boxes, Time on Site Optin Trigger, Exit Intent Optin Trigger, Scroll Optin Trigger, Pageviews Optin Trigger, etc.

While the Pro version, which I recommend for serious Lead Generators to buy, Everything in Standard, and: Unlimited Sites, LeadBank (Conversion Backup), Optin Campaign Scheduling, Advance Optin Analytics, Email Digest, Priority Email Support, and more!


MailOptin has many features. I have highlighted a few to help you double your email subscribers. It will interest you to know that MailOptin has made extensive use of the WordPress Customizer. You can design your optin form all within the customizer without signing up?for unnecessary services online.

If you want to double your email subscribers using MailOptin, use lightbox optin, event triggers and exit intent features without delay.

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  1. shaagee samuel iorlumun Avatar
    shaagee samuel iorlumun

    MailOptin, a WordPress plugin is an interesting plugin that really captured my interest. Based on its simplicity, reliability,dependability and cost-effectiveness, I can recommend the use of this particular plugin to WP subscribers.

    I also commend the Lead @ Fruitfullujah Project (Sefa Tsegha) my MD, for simplifying the MailOptin for common understanding. Ogah kudoooos!

    1. Sefa Tsegha Avatar

      Thank you SIM! I am glad you find this post helpful. I appreciate your taking the time to read it.

      Have a lovely day. ?