• 8 Ways a Site is Hacked. 7 Ways to Prevent Attack! 1

    8 Ways a Site is Hacked. 7 Ways to Prevent Attack!

    Security is one of the most lonely words in the world. People hardly talk about security until their site is hacked or their information compromised. I intend to take a look at 8 Ways a? Site is Hacked, and 7 Ways to Prevent an Attack on your site.

  • Why a ShowRunner Should Build an Email List 2

    Why a ShowRunner Should Build an Email List

    A Podcast is a show. And, the person that hosts a Podcast is a Showrunner. If you are a Showrunner, it is time you start building an email list for your show. Let me explain.

  • Is Your Website "Dead on Arrival" or "Successful on Day One" 3

    Is Your Website “Dead on Arrival” or “Successful on Day One”

    ?Dead on arrival? ? I can’t remember when I first heard that term. But I am sure I knew what it meant the moment I heard it. It was not hard to tell what ?dead on arrival? meant. For certain, it doesn’t?mean ?successful on day one?. Let me tell you a story.

  • Checklist for WordPress

    Killer Checklist for WordPress

    This is the most comprehensive checklist for?WordPress Development that I have ever come across. Not kidding. It’s perfect. Remember, it is only a guide to ease your work. You can improve the flow whichever way?you want. In any case, it will help you in many ways.

  • How a Podcast is Born

    How a Podcast is Born [Infographic] – Build your Podcasting Network.

    We launched The?Fruitfulujah Podcast this year. It has been a wonderful learning experience. We are taking a media and not marketing approach to content. We always try to spin things around, and this channel of communication is?OK. Though not everyone has welcomed it. But that’s the beauty of generating content on the Internet: there will…

  • Pexels: Free high quality stock photos 4

    Pexels: Free high quality stock photos

    Free high quality photos you can use everywhere. Free for commercial use. No attribution required Source: Pexels  Free high quality stock photos Writing a good blog post is not just about getting the best ideas carefully written down for people to read. Images adds a lot in enhancing the message you are trying to convey…

  • Introducing The Fruitfulujah Podcast 5

    Introducing The Fruitfulujah Podcast

    I am excited to announce to you the launch of The Fruitfulujah Podcast. Its your favorite podcast where we talk about the Internet, your business and ‘you’! We simplify technology for everyday people and help you build fruitful internet projects. The first Episode of the show went live a few days ago, and the response…

  • Website Traffic in 15 Creative Ways! 6

    Website Traffic in 15 Creative Ways!

    Website traffic can be a headache for some people. Here are 15 Creative Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic this year. As each year unfolds, the usual thing everyone does is to set goals and targets, and define ways to meet those goals. I may sound pessimistic by this statement but it is true: a…