Blogging: The Easiest Way to Start

Blogging: The Easiest Way to Start 1

Many people like to blog and given that the Internet has become part of our everyday lives it only makes sense for you own your blog. While the thought of setting up a site may be frightening, there is a really easy way to go about this.

Your trouble-free solution is to make use of a platform called Fruitfulujah, built on WordPress. Think of Fruitfulujah as your framework, from here you can build upon it.

You have three choices when it comes to using Fruitfulujah:-

  • Starter Plus,
  • Business Plus, and
  • Elite Plus.

If you are serious about setting up a blog then we highly suggest you go with Business+ or Elite+ plans.

Choosing the last two plans just means that you will have to buy a domain name, which is your website address, and get rid of extension. And you will have enough disk space to host your files on your site.

The benefit of using Fruitfulujah is that it is easy to use. You can create your blog posts directly in your Dashboard panel. You can add photos, videos and add links to other websites or products. This is all done without leaving your site and without anybody?s help.

Besides, since Fruitfulujah is built?on?WordPress, it uses smaller pieces of software known as Plug-ins. You will see this word over and over, once you start looking into what blogging is all about.

Plug-ins allows you to add different functions to your blog. You may want to display a Facebook like box or contact form, and VoguePay payment button to collect payment from your clients, for example.

As I mentioned Fruitfulujah is your basic structure and once your site is properly setup and activated, you will want to select a theme. Your first site comes with a basic theme; a new one is added regularly. This may suit your purpose, but if not, it can easily be changed.

Once inside your account you would go to Appearances and Themes and then click on Search Themes. Here you could literally spend hours choosing a theme. You will need to make your mind up on what color you are looking for and how many columns you want to have displayed.

If you are just starting out with blogging try not to pick a theme that requires too much customizing. You can always do that later on. For now you want to install a clean-looking theme and then spend time learning how to create and publish your blog posts.

Learning and working on Fruitfulujah is fun and a great way to surprise your family and friends with your very own website.