7 Experts Reveal Favorite Podcast Tool

7 Experts Reveal Favorite Podcast Tool 1

This post is the result of a little survey I did a few days ago. ?Many podcast host will find it quite easy to talk about the?podcast tool they use, but when I asked about their favorite, but least talked about tool, it took a few by surprise.?:)

I am interestingly fascinated by?the answers I?got. You will love them.

I wanted unique responses so I reached out to experts for their favorite podcast tool using Google form. ?I am thankful to the few?experts ?I reached out to, and who were most willing to give a response to my question. These are busy people yet?they could spare their time.?Thank you!

This is the template question that I asked them:

What is your favorite, but least talked about Podcasting tool?

Whether they use them or not, most podcast experts are familiar with tools like iTunes, PowerPress, Podbean, and other popular platforms. What we would like to know is what is your favorite, but least mentioned, written about, and reviewed podcasting tool, software or platform. One that benefits you so much that you are surprised that more people aren’t talking about it. That’s the tool we want to hear about!

Expert #1
ruanRuan Fourie (@RuanStix)?-?Google me and you’ll find some Physio guy. I’m not him. Digital | Influencer | Marketing | SEO | Blog | Podcast.?My favourite podcasting tool is listening to other podcast. It’s the best way to learn about awesome podcast.?

Podcast Name:?gevaaalik.com Podcast


Expert #2

Bernard Kalvin CliveBernard Kelvin Clive (@bernardkelvin) -?Amazon Bestselling of 20 Books, Personal Branding Coach, Host #1 Business & Career Podcast. ?There are several very useful podcasting tools available, however let me share with you one of my favorites which may be least mentioned. Google calendar is one of the most productive tools I use as a podcaster, it helps to easily schedule guest interview appointments and reminders. It has been a very useful tool http://www.google.com/calendar .?

Podcast Name:?Personal Branding with Bernard Kelvin Clive?


Expert #3

RadioSpookasemRadio Spookasem (@RadioSpookasem) -?Radio Spookasem is South Africa’s premier alternative, rock & indie radio-style podcast for up and coming artists in the country & beyond.?SoundCloud & YouTube are amazing tools. Plus, they’re free. We use both platforms equally, but drive all our listeners to SoundCloud, because it’s effortless and synonymous with audio, unlike YouTube which is perceived as video mostly. iTunes, or any other specialised podcast service didn’t work for us. Why? Because consumers aren’t familiar with them. Simple.?

Podcast Name:?Radio Spookasem


Expert #4

7 Experts Reveal Favorite Podcast Tool 2OJ Aderogbin (@OJ_aderogbin) -?A presenter and podcaster! I present a weekly talk show via podbean.com .?Audacity! Audio editing software that takes a novice to a pro in audio editing in minutes! Very easy to use, very effective! Removes noise well, offers equalization tweaks, but only exports as wav, so a user will need a file converter to convert the audio from wav to mp3.?

Podcast Name:?Spotlight Talk show


Expert #5

NeoNeo (@NeoThe_Tourist) -?Lounge and Deephouse disc jockey.?Part of the Samurai Sessions Movement.?Podomatic.?Podomatic.com.?It teaches you alot about podcasting and the art behind it.

Podcast Name:?Samurai Sessions Movement




Expert #6

Steve MillerSteve Miller (@SteveMillerANW) -?Radio, Television, and Internet travel/news expert. Based out of Seoul, South Korea. Podcasting @AsiaNewsWeekly.?Google Drive/Sheets ?- As some one who’s running a news show, I need a way to quickly grab and sort news stories for the show. I do this by utilizing Google Drive. Each show has its own folder with a spreadsheet in it. I can dump links and quotes into the spreadsheet and images into the folders. Then once the episode has been put to bed, download everything to archive on a local disk.?

Podcast Name:?Asia News Weekly


Expert #7

ZibbyZibby (@ZibbyJ) -?Project Mgr, Microbiologist, Podcaster & OAP (Cool FM) A bit of everything rolled up in a fireball.?My favorite tool has to be Audacity. It’s an amazing program and I believe can stand up against the big boys of production and editing. It’s also open source, which makes it free. At the moment, it’s perfect for my needs, even outside podcasting.?

Podcast Name:?The Zibby Show and also The BBA Podcast



These are expert’s favorites, but?least talked about podcast tools that they use, and can aid?your podcast planning, production and hosting.

  1. Listen to other podcast
  2. Google Drive/Sheets/Calender/Forms (I personally used these tools to help me?write this post)
  3. Audacity
  4. PodOmatic
  5. SoundCloud

Maybe they?have left out your favorite, but least talked about podcast tool. Have they? Yes? Leave that in the comments below.