10 Blogging Mistakes You are Making – Sam Adeyinka

10 Blogging Mistakes You are Making - Sam Adeyinka 1

Blogging mistakes. You have to fix them if you want to stay a top the game. However, how can you fix them if you don’t know what they are?

I have you covered!

In today’s episode of the Fruitfulujah Podcast, we looked at 10 blogging mistakes that you are making, and how to fix them. We discussed things like:

  • Quality Content
  • Blogging Schedule
  • Not having an about us page
  • Writing for robots
  • Not having a blogging goal
  • Wasting your time changing themes
  • Too many WordPress plugin
  • Not wanting to invest money into blogging when you should.
  • Lack of passion
  • Copycats (Stop copying people’s work) Be creative.

My Guest

Sam Adeyinka, of Incomesplash.com is my guest on the show. He is a seasoned blogger with many years in the art. He will share the knowledge he gained while blogging for fun and for business.

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I always welcome questions and comments on each show I make. So, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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5 responses to “10 Blogging Mistakes You are Making – Sam Adeyinka”

  1. Vicky Law Avatar

    Awesome podcast episode!!!

    I certainly learned a lot, plus I noted down areas I need to work on. My blog’s pretty new so I’m glad this episode came just in time.

    Thanks so much!

    1. Sam Adeyinka #Coach Avatar

      Hello Vicky, I am glad to read your comment here on Sefa’s blog. 🙂

      I know i am late but I am not always like that, just thought you should know.

      Actually, I have been having issues with my health, even until not but I just have to do this. 🙂

      Glad you found the podcast episode useful and you can bet you will even find much value in my upcoming eBook. It’s going to be 0.99cents on Amazon but for someone like you, I’d give it…coughs (see me in my inbox).

      BTW, I made a visit to your blog again and find that you’ve made some minor but all important changes to the layout and I think it makes even more sense.

      But hey woman! Why on earth did you refuse to approve my comments – I made about three comments on your blog the first time I visited it.

      I hope the sodding internet bugs have not eaten up my comment?!

      No worries though…..do have yourself a lovely Tuesday. 🙂


  2. Sefa Tsegha Avatar

    Thank you so much, Vicky! It is so refreshing to know that you found some tips from this episode to help as a blogger.

    I will always do my best to produce quality content on the show again and again!

    Have a lovely day! 🙂

  3. SolaMathew Avatar

    This is wonderful, sir.

    You both did a great job.

    I have found out some pluggins to add to my blog from this post.

    My blog is also new.


    1. Sefa Tsegha Avatar

      I am so happy you found some plugins to add to your plugin arsenal. 🙂

      Shola, thanks for the comments.